Workshop: Pokémon TCG Search UI

The workshop will guide beginners through the basics of HTML, CSS & JavaScript by developing a Search UI for Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) API ( The app searches through the Pokémon TCG database and retrieves the cards related to your favorite pokémon. It’s not a game, but rather a platform that allows sending requests to an API/Database and retrieves results that we display on our app, which is a common case in lots of applications development.

The workshop is divided into three parts (+ extra)

    1. The basics of HTML (+ exercises)
    2. The basics of CSS (+ exercises)
    3. The basics of JavaScript (plain JavaScript, no particular framework) (+ exercises)

For those that can complete all three parts without a sweat, there will be extra challenges 🙂

Requirements of the workshop:

Materials are and head coach talks in English. Other trainers talk also Finnish.


Lucia Nazzaro

Lucia ‘mahava’ is a software developer with a passion for videogames, ASL (American Sign Language) and Bulbasaurs. She will be the main speaker of the workshop and will guide the participants through the materials, answer questions with the help of the coaches and share bits of her experience as a software developer.

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Heidi Poels

Heidi is a second-year student of Computer Sciences at Tampere University. She loves watching her plant-babies grow, cooking and baking for her family and friends, spending time in nature, and doing yoga. This will be the first time Heidi is participating as a coach for Mimmit Koodaa and she’s excited about this amazing opportunity (and a tad bit nervous 🙂 )

Eeva-Jonna "Eevis" Panula

Eevis works at Futurice as a software developer and gets excited about topics like CSS, TypeScript, GraphQL, and accessibility. When she is not coding, or talking about coding, she plays ultimate frisbee or explores the world with a kayak.

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Taika Tulonen

Taika is a junior web developer in her first IT job. A year ago she decided to learn to code after seeing some very inspirational speeches at Mimmit koodaa -launch. Taika is interested in UX and learning. Her free time she spends with her family, walking in the forest and watching TV series.

Liisa Lahti

Liisa Lahti is one of the first students at Hive Helsinki, the code and problem-solving school. They had one Pokémon card and plenty of random HTML pages back in the ’90s. This is Liisa’s very first Mimmit koodaa workshop and she’s really excited.

Aleksi Tuompo

Aleksi is an independent web developer who is specialized in brand sites and e-commerce. He works with designers and agencies and thinks that modern web development is one-third collaboration, one-third picking the right stack of tech and services, and one-third actual coding.

Viia Ranta

Viia is a recent teacher graduate, who used to do websites as a hobby for many years before she realised she could actually change her hobby into a career. She has worked as a Junior Web Designer for about a year now, and has a growing interest in front end development & UX/UI Design.

In her free time she is a crazy dog lady. She hopes everyone in the workshop (including herself) will have a good time, and learn a new thing or two. 😉

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