Workshop: Functional Programming

Functional programming is a programming paradigm which promises more understandable and easily testable code with fewer bugs and unexpected side effects. During this workshop, you’ll learn some basic principles and practical techniques of functional programming in JavaScript.

To attend, you should have at least some experience of programming with JavaScript. The workshop can also be useful for more experienced coders, especially if you are not familiar with functional programming methods.

The main language of the workshop and materials is English, but we can also answer questions and help you in Finnish.


Joonas Kykkänen

I’ve been working with the web for the past five years. These days I do mostly JavaScript development but I also have experience from Ruby and Go. Before my software development career, I used to work in business development. During my free time I play around with my own GitHub projects, write about working in the tech industry, and play boardgames.

Aleksi Ruuskanen

I’ve been in the software development business for almost 9 years and with Wunderdog since 2017. Most recently I’ve worked with Java + SpringBoot, Go and JavaScript/TypeScript (React, Vue, Node). My hobbies are squash and all kinds of gaming (videogames, boardgames).

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