Setting up Website Hosted on Github

NB! The number of participants in the workshop is limited. If you are unable to attend the workshop, be sure to consider others and remember to cancel your participation.

Our everyday life is full of clicking on links that take us somewhere on a website. The overall toolset of building complex websites relies on basic elementary building blocks:

  • html is how we define the skeleton for contents,
  • css is how we make it shape to its looks and appearance, and
  • javascript is how we add logic and function to it.

On this basic course, we learn hands on to use a little bit of each to understand what we are able to do with those, and make our websites available for others using Github Pages.

What you’ll learn:

  • Setting up a Github account (and why is that relevant),
  • A mix of HTML and CSS basics,
  • An idea of what you could do with JavaScript, and
  • Creating your pages hosted on Github.

This is a beginner workshop, where we first create a simple site together and then repeat in pairs. Come and build your first website with us!


Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Maaret Pyhäjärvi is an exploratory tester extraordinaire with a day-job at Vaisala as Principal Test Engineer. She is an empirical technologist, a tester and a (polyglot) programmer, a catalyst for improvement, a speaker and an author, and a community facilitator. She has been awarded the two prestigious global testing awards, Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2016 (MIATPP) and EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award (2020), and selected as Top-100 Most Influential in ICT in Finland 2019&2020. She’s spoken at events in 25 countries delivering over 400 sessions.

With 25 years of exploratory testing under her belt, she crafts her work role into a mix of hands-on testing and programming, and leading and enabling others. She leads TechVoices enabling new speakers, blogs at and is the author of three books: Ensemble Programming Guidebook, Exploratory Testing and Strong-Style Pair Programming.

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