Secure Coding tournament

Improve your secure coding skills by registering for the Mimmit Koodaa Secure Coding tournament!

The tournament allows you to compete against the other participants in a series of challenges that ask you to identify a problem, locate insecure code, and fix a vulnerability. All challenges are based on the OWASP Top 10, and players can choose between a range of software languages.

Challenge takes time about 1-2 hours, but you can spend time at the Secure Code Warrior Platform as much as you need. It will be open at 19.-25.2.2021. All conversation will be at Mimmit koodaa -Slack #secure-code-warrior -channel. If you need invite to Slack, please send message to

Throughout the tournament, players earn points and watch as they climb to the top of the leader board. Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers and everyone will receive tailored, personal and private feedback on their performance to help them improve in the future.

Prepare yourself for the tournament and get ahead of the game by accessing the on-demand training platform from now until the end of the tournament.

NB: Secure Coding tournaments includes two meetings: kick-off start and closing. 

Check this too!

Secure Code Bootcamp is a free, FUN mobile app for early-career coders. Kick-start your journey to creating more secure code with Secure Code Bootcamp – our free mobile app for early-career coders.

Learn to identify vulnerable code in your chosen language framework (Node.JS, Python:Django, Java:Spring, C# .NET: MVC) and swipe your way through progressively challenging levels as you develop your secure coding abilities.

Tackle common vulnerabilities from the OWASP Top 10 and collect badges as you progress through each new challenge, unlocking new missions as your progress.

You can examine Secure Code Bootcamp mobile app here >> 



Elana Freeman

Elana looks after the Northern parts of EMEA at Secure Code Warrior, and has been promoting secure coding since early 2018, travelling across the UK, Ireland and the Nordics working closely with organisations to build secure coding communities and address their current industry challenges.

Helena Campbell

Helena is the Head of Marketing for the EMEA region at Secure Code Warrior, and is looking forward to spreading the secure coding word for the ladies of Finland! Outside of work, Helena spends most of her time walking her dog Eddy and likes to travel when she can.

Dominique Murray-Manneh

Dominique is an Enterprise CSM here in EMEA who partners with a number of organisations to inspire their developers to embrace a preventative secure coding approach which enables each team to ship quality software with confidence.

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