App in a Day

This workshop is in English. Seats to this workshop is limited so please remember cancel your enrolment if you cannot attend!

The App In a Day class is a fantastic way to get started on your Power Apps learning journey. It takes you through learning Dataverse and building Power Apps Canvas and Model-driven apps. You will also learn about Power Automate in this hands-on class.

Power Apps is a low or no-code application builder from Microsoft that gives you a way to deliver applications to your end-users at a rapid pace. When you build a Power App, it works cross-platform, from your to phone, to web and tablet devices with one click.

What Will You Learn?

  1. Learn Power Apps with hands-on labs and content
  2. Build Power Apps Canvas and Model-driven apps
  3. Use Microsoft Dataverse to store business data
  4. Integrate Power Automate to automate approvals and send emails.


Valid Power Apps premium license:

Power Apps authoring environment:

Launch using browser (Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, or Safari)

Power Apps mobile apps (Optional):


Vibha Deshpande

Sr. Customer Engineer

Music lover. Food lover.

Laura Malmivuori

Technical Specialist Intern

Sports and nature lover.

Anna Ranta

Sr Technical Specialist

Agnieszka Wolnicka

Sales Operations Program Manager

Movies and Swimming.

Anastasia Kuznetsova

Business Program Manager (Commercial Software Engineering)

Foodie and explorer.

Annie Talvasto

Commercial Marketing Manager

Denis Cepun

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft.

A geek at heart, developer since mature age of 6, photographer and adventure-seeking traveler.

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