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Osallistujamäärä: 30

Lokaatio: Online / Slack

Vaikeustaso: Beginner

Pre-work: A working computer that can run Zoom and CodeSandbox.

The workshop will guide beginners through the basics of HTML, CSS & JavaScript by developing a Search UI for Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) API (https://pokemontcg.io/). The app searches through the Pokémon TCG database and retrieves the cards related to your favorite pokémon. It’s not a game, but rather a platform that allows sending requests to an API/Database and retrieves results that we display on our app, which is a common case in lots of applications development.

The workshop is divided into three parts (+ extra)

    1. The basics of HTML (+ exercises)
    2. The basics of CSS (+ exercises)
    3. The basics of JavaScript (plain JavaScript, no particular framework) (+ exercises)

For those that can complete all three parts without a sweat, there will be extra challenges 🙂

Requirements of the workshop:

Materials are and head coach talks in English. Other trainers talk also Finnish.

Kyllä, haluan pysyä kuulolla

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Vuonna 2022 mukana <3

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