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16.3.2022 13-16


Event type: Online workshop

Number of participants: 30

Location: Zoom

Level: Beginner

Pre-work: Create a free Figma account https://www.figma.com/signup



What is Figma?

Figma is a design and prototyping tool that you can use to create websites, apps, or smaller user interface components that can be integrated into other projects. Currently, Figma is the number one tool for UI design, prototyping, developer handovers and managing design systems. That’s why it’s the tool to learn right now if you’re interested in user interface and/or user experience design.


In this workshop your trainer Emmi will go over with you the basic functionalities of Figma and how it is used in everyday design work. You will get to collaborate in small groups to create your own interactive prototype.


Finnish and English. The materials will be in English, assistance will be provided in Finnish and in English

You will learn

– The basics of Figma
– Frames
– Components
– Auto layout
– Layout grid
– Styles
– Sharing
– To create an interactive high fidelity prototype of a mobile app

Who is this training for?

– Anyone who is interested in user interface or user experience design
– Anyone who wants to learn the basics of Figma
– No previous experience with Figma required

NB! The number of participants in the workshop is limited. If you cannot attend the workshop, be sure to consider others and remember to cancel your participation. No show means that you can’t participate in #MimmitKoodaa following workshops for half a year.

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