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27.10.2022 16:00-17:30


Event type: Workshop

Number of participants: At the office: 50

Location: Wolt office Helsinki / Remote

Level: Beginner


How to develop a quality mindset

Writing good quality code is a crucial skill as a developer. As a software engineer, it’s important that you consider quality all the way from your specifications to when your code goes into production. By writing quality code, you make sure the code is easily readable and maintainable in the long-run.

In this session we will look into ways how you can start developing the Quality Mindset that is crucial in building high quality software, fast.

In the session you’ll:

💡Shape an understanding of what quality means for software engineering
💡Learn why everyone’s a tester and best practices for testing your code
💡Learn about how you can build code that creates the best possible results — considering quality from specifications all the way to releasing your code into production

📍You can join us at the Wolt office in Kamppi, Helsinki at Arkadiankatu 6 00100 Helsinki
💻 We’ll also stream the event via Zoom webinar for those who would like to attend but can’t make it to our Helsinki office.

🍕🥤 There will be some drinks, snacks and pizza for the participants!

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NOTE! The number of participants in the event is limited. If you cannot attend the event, consider others and remember to cancel your participation. No show means that you can’t participate in #MimmitKoodaa following workshops for half a year.


Untamo Hirvonen.

Untamo Hirvonen is a QA Competence Lead at Wolt and also a Group QA for five development teams. He has been driving the transformation of Wolt’s QA from Quality Assurance into Quality Assistance.



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