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13.1.2023 12-13


Event type: Webinar

Location: Zoom

Level: Beginner

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Are you dreaming about a career in the IT industry? Are you just about to finish your studies and you wonder what you should write on your CV? Have you ever thought about what IT recruiters focus on when reading an application?

If you answered yes, this might be a good session to attend. Enroll today!

What will we do?

In this session you will learn how to attract recruiters’ attention with an updated CV and LinkedIn. We will focus on how to write an appealing CV and highlight relevant experience no matter how long your career in IT has been. Also, we will discuss about the importance of your LinkedIn profile to attract the right job opportunities. In the end, we will prepare you with some tips and tricks for your first interview so you will give a great first impression. You will also get good insights about what we IT recruiters are looking for when reviewing your application.

What will you get?

We will provide you with the skills and knowledge to structure a targeted CV for roles in IT. At the same time, you will learn the importance of having an appealing LinkedIn profile and you will leave the session prepared to have your first interview.

After the webinar

You will get the opportunity to attend a breakout session in which we will review your CV/LinkedIn profile in a small group of maximum five persons. The breakout session provides a great opportunity for you to ask questions and receive feedback on your CV/LinkedIn profile. The breakout session will be held one week after the webinar, so you’ll get some time to apply what you have learned.

How to enroll?

You can enroll to the webinar through the “Enroll now” button on the top left of this page. After the webinar, participants will get the opportunity to enroll to the group breakout sessions that will be held on January 19th and 20th.

How to prepare?

You don’t need to prepare prior to the webinar. If you want to participate in the breakout session, you’ll be required to write or update your CV/LinkedIn profile utilizing the material you’ll receive after the webinar.


English and Finnish. The workshop and materials are in English. You may get assistance in Finnish if needed.



With free events, we answer your questions and wishes. If you want to ask your questions to the speaker in advance, you can email them to info@mimmitkoodaa.fi with the subject ”Mimmit koodaa event”. The facilitators will take the questions into account when preparing.

You can also submit requests for new content by email to info@mimmitkoodaa.fi.

Claudia Hald Kimø.

Claudia Hald Kimø

Talent Acquisition Partner

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Laura Matero.

Laura Matero

Talent Acquisition Partner

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