Web Coding for Beginners: Population Graphs

#mimmitkoodaa MOOC by Sympa

Could I build a working web application in one day without any prior knowledge of coding? Yes you can! On this #mimmitkoodaa MOOC by Sympa you will build a simple web app that can visualize population graphs for different countries.

This MOOC is targeted for women in our #mimmitkoodaa community.

The Course

The course is a hand-on introduction to HTML, CSS and Javascript, the central technologies for all web apps. It also covers using real JSON data from a live World Bank API. After completing the MOOC, you will have a basic understanding of how web applications work and you will be able to build a simple app yourself.

No prior knowledge of coding is needed, it’s enough that you’ve browsed the web and can use a computer. If you have no previous experience of HTML, CSS and Javascript, there is a set of tutorials to complete before starting the main part of the course. The tutorials should take you about 3-8 hours. If you already have experience of working with HTML, CSS and Javascript, you can skip the tutorials for the parts you already are familiar with.

We estimate that the main part of the course (building the Population graphs app) will take about one working day (8 hours)


The course will run until 30.9.2020 (deadline is 30.9.2020 at 23.59 EET). All finishers who return the required files by the deadline will get a course certificate. After this you can still do this but you wont receive course certificate. 

Peer support and discussion

Peer support and discussion on the course is available on the #mimmitkoodaa Slack. Questions can be asked in both Finnish and English. The main form of support is peer support.

Material & preparing for the course

The material is in English. 

The link to material and invite link to Slack will be delivered to registered participants via email.

The course instructions use Visual Studio Code as the code editor. You can install Visual Studio Code on your machine already before the start.

You can also already now start with the tutorials if you are not familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript:

Sample app A sample of the Population graph application can be viewed at https://world-bank-data.appspot.com/
The number of participants is unlimited.

What is Sympa?

The Sympa HR solution was designed to improve the lives of HR across the world. Providing companies an aggregated, clear view on all people data and unlimited integrations to other softwares, it supports smart decision-making and helps automate routine tasks. Backed up with great customer support, it’s currently used by more than 700 organisations – and has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in HR technology in Europe. Sympa employs 120 people internationally, with offices in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands.

Tässä työssä – niin kuin nykyään kai vähän kaikessa – on pakko kouluttautua jatkuvasti ja opetella uusia asioita itsenäisestikin.

On oikeasti palkitsevaa nähdä, että tietty kokonaisuus on saatu hoidettua hyvin ja asiakas saa kättemme jäljistä aitoa lisäarvoa omaan toimintaansa.

Irene Koskinen
Quality Engineer, Sympa

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