Welcome aboard and big thanks for wanting to share your knowledge and time with us. The goal of the Mimmit koodaa -program is to increase diversity and the number of professionals in our field. A long term goal of the program is to give future generations an equal chance to study and thrive in IT sector, regardless of one’s gender.

In our events, webinars and workshops we want to offer content that is easy to understand and which turns over stereotypes related on gender, coding and technology, content that inspires to learn new and use software in one’s career.

Event hashtag:

(Please note the accessibility of the hashtag. For reading programs every word should start with a capital letter.)


January Agreeing on a speech or other performance

4.2 Delivering of headings and description text of the speech, delivering of speaker presentation

Virtual booth (you can no build and try everything yourself)

Sponsor admin panel >>

Setting up virtual booth >>

Best practises >>

Let us know all team members who need access to sponsor admin panel and to booth building milja@mimmitkoodaa.fi

If help needed sanna@mimmitkoodaa.fi

If you want us to check your final booth layout, please do that before week 15. 


20.4 Speakers’ presentation materials

21.4 Technical testing of those performing live coding or such in their presentation. Book a time for a trial session! We can arrange a pre-visit to the studio for those suffering from stage fright.

Guests will have access to the event platform one week before the event. This is how we make sure all the guests will have time to get to know the content of company stands!

Description text of the virtual stand

Description text can be modified with sub headings and also pictures and emojis can be added within the text.

It is advisable to use photos when introducing person(s) at the virtual stand. This is a more pleasant experience for a guest instead of a faceless chat.


Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn


The top of the virtual stand is for the carousel where you can add still photos and video links of your own choice.

Our suggestion is to add “Welcome to the stand” kind of a cover photo with pictures of persons keeping the stand. This will be the first picture guests will see when arriving to your company’s stand.

Carousel will be an Iframe similar to the stream tab, meaning that items should be embedded links or pictures.

png, jpg, jpge, gif. / ratio-size: 16:9 (1 920 × 1 080 pixels)

Videos can be YouTube/Vimeo etc.


You can choose whether or not to have a chat at your stand.


This is where you can add presentation slides, forms, questionnaires, links… IF you feel it will bring added value or help you e.g. in recruitment.

THIS MUST BE AN EMBEDDABLE LINK. Many companies may have disabled the embedding of their own website to another website so this should be noted. Sli.do, Google Forms work. If your company is not allowed to use Google products, we can take care of the links.

Marketing of the stand program and program schedule

Information of your stand content/program will be introduced in our program map, so please gather short description texts and presentations of your performers/hosts in advance.

Breakout rooms

For short Q&A sessions, recruitment inquiries, etc. We do not have exact information on how much breakout rooms will gather audience but we encourage experimenting. Possible content is tented to be marketed in advance and widely enough!

Mimmit koodaa logos and social media material that will be made of speakers can be found in this folder

Deliver your company’s stand materials to the same folder or send a download link to info@mimmitkoodaa.fi



We will need the heading, description text, profile picture and social media links (Twitter/LinkedIn) as soon as possible.
Please note that the description text of your speech will determine whether or not a guest will want to come hear your speech. Tell the guest what you will teach and tell what can be benefited from your speech. Only you can describe why one should give time for your speech, you are the best professional of your speech.

Every speech will be recorded to YouTube and introduced in our blog. We are more than happy to receive a short blog post or short intro of your speech should you wish to write one. All of these will be sent to over 8000 people on our mailing list and will be shared through several social media sites.

Please note that the audience will follow the event through a screen or even on a phone. Therefore the material should be more visual than not. If you choose to send the material to the public you can make it more detailed. We will forward them together with the recording.

All the material will be checked by the production company and will be combined together so that the audience will receive a coherent experience. Please kindly try to follow the deadlines so that we can ensure the best possible technical result.

Powerpoint 16:9

Font packages for us to download at info@mimmitkoodaa.fiPlease kindly name your materials with your name.

Materials should be sent to info@mimmitkoodaa.fi

Additional information can be received at info@mimmitkoodaa.fi

For speakers


Speakers should arrive at least half an hour before the event. From the lobby, you will be guided to an area where you can change clothes, fix make up, have a drink etc. Production team will use masks and we offer disposable masks for those who want one. Touching surfaces will be disinfected often. Keep your Koronavilkku app on.

While waiting for your turn, you will see the speaker before you on a screen in the waiting area. The camera view will change between the speaker and the presentation material.

Crib note
It is more than fine to have a crib note with you either on paper or on your tablet. We will check if we could get a proper sized screen for speakers’ notes.
You will be picked up into the studio premises 15 minutes before the start of your speech for setting up the microphone. In between the speeches there will be a short break during which a former speaker leaves and the next arrives.

You will see your presentation material and a clock showing the time passed and the time remaining. The last five minutes on the clock will show in red.

In case of illness
In cases of illness the speech will be moved to the virtual event in spring or to Webinar Friday as an independent program.


A sparring session will be arranged with all the participants. Sparring session is (with all the love) compulsory and will help you understand how the audience will gain the best possible benefit of your presentation. We will go through the demography of the audience and goals of the event.

Addresses and important contact information

Milja will be reached only through the following people during the event.

Address for shooting

Siili Solutions, Ruoholahdenkatu 21
You will be guided to a right place from the lobby.

Contact persons during the event

Sanna Hyvönen +358 44 491 5828

Satu Kainulainen +358 44 2318087

Paula Lindvall +358 44 302 1979


Brella logo.

The virtual event platform of our choice is Brella which is Finnish software from Jyväskylä and has long been used in different events such as Slush, Arctic15, Nordic Business Forum etc.

Virtual event platform offers a chance for networking, just like live events. Joining an event happens through creating a profile but you can choose whether or not to use the opportunity for networking.

So, create a new Brella-profile or use some other social media platform (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) to fill the form. Join the event with a code 2TISW2021 >>

After this, click Start Networking and you can choose if your profile is public or private. We encourage our partners and speakers to create a public profile and modify it to be personal and interesting, this also affects the company image. Add also the social media links for networking.