#mimmitkoodaa in Finland

The purpose of the Mimmit koodaa –program is to increase equality and diversity within the software industry. Unfortunately, the software industry is still one of the most gender segregated industries.

The message of the program is not, that all women will become programmers. The purpose of our program is to get more women to understand software. In the future, every company will be a software company and we will need to increasingly use, customize, buy and develop software. Each and every one of us has acquired professional skills, which can be used together with software to advance work in all industries.

The long-term objective of the program is to give future generations an equal opportunity to study and flourish in the IT-industry regardless of gender.

The Finnish Software and E-business Association offers workshops together with its member companies free of charge to women who don’t have previous experience in coding and are interested in our industry or want to gain a deeper understanding of software. We want to thank all of the companies involved for their voluntary work and financial support for our program.

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