#mimmitkoodaa aims to increase gender equality in the Finnish software industry

The purpose of the Mimmit koodaa -program (women code -program) is to increase equality in the Finnish software industry by breaking the stereotype that coding is only for men.

The core of the program is to provide easily accessible coding workshops free of charge for women who are interested in coding but have no previous experience in it. The program is powered by the Finnish Software and E-business Association and its member companies.

The long-term objective of #mimmitkoodaa is to help giving future generations an equal opportunity to study and flourish in the IT field, especially in software industry. In the future, every company will be a software company and there will be an increasing need to use, customize, buy and develop software.

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Johanna Småros Co-founder, CMO RELEX in our launch event Helsinki 2020

Nordic Women In Tech Awards - Diversity Leader Of The Year - Milja Köpsi

Milja’s exceptional work in the field of diversity, women coding, and software industry has grown the program to an independent movement, with over 6000 adult women participating, lead by Milja. Coming from a very humble background, Milja has become the voice of thousands of adult women, who have never been supported and encouraged towards technological studies and work. Her example is a classical ”you can do it” -story.

20.11.2020 | 9:00 – 17:00

#mimmitkoodaa virtual event is not a home-based webinar.  We stream all the speeches, ensuring technical quality and offering the opportunity to network in various events as well as in the virtual spaces of the exhibitors.

Mimmit koodaa -program, one of the winners of 2019 EESC Civil Society Prize

In December 2019 The EESC shared the Civil Society Prize, which rewards initiatives aimed at raising awareness about and fighting for gender equality in the EU. The Mimmit koodaa -program was awarded for combatting the stereotype that software development is only for men.

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The core of #mimmitkoodaa are the workshops

The workshop offering is represented in the annual launch

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“Steal the craftmanship!”

Attracted to IT from the beginning

Madalina Patrichi works as a Senior Software Engineer with various products and projects at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in Helsinki. Madalina is from Romania, and she studied Computer Science in the UK. She became interested in versatile IT at the age of twelve, and she is always eager to learn something new.

”I was lucky to find my passion in the IT industry!”

False beliefs about one’s own capacities

Haneen Saleh is a Software Engineer at Elektrobit in Oulu, working on various projects in a development team. She has recently graduated from university in Jordan, where she studied Electrical Engineering before changing her major to Computer Science. 

The program is powered by The Finnish Software and E-business Association

The Finnish Software and E-business Association is the only Finnish association in its field that actively offers high standard trainings, quality seminars and interesting networking opportunities to its member companies. Our community helps over 600 members to do their business easier, better and more effectively.



Milja Köpsi

Program Coordinator

Rasmus Roiha

CEO – The Finnish Software and E-business Association

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