The purpose of the Mimmit koodaa -program (women code -program) is to increase gender equality in the Finnish software industry by breaking the stereotype that coding is only for men.

The core of the program is to provide easily accessible coding workshops free of charge for women who are interested in coding but have no previous experience in it. The program is powered by the Finnish Software and E-business Association and its member companies.

The long-term objective of #MimmitKoodaa is to help giving future generations an equal opportunity to study and flourish in the IT field, especially in the software industry. In the future, every company will be a software company and there will be an increasing need to use, customize, buy and develop software.

Over 7000 women cannot be wrong – coding is of interest


The software is everywhere and is used by everyone. So we want to be involved in ensuring the development of high-quality and diverse software and promoting equality.

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For women who are interested in or want new skills in software development. For industry changers, educators, career and study counsellors.

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The Mimmit koodaa program encourages women interested in the software industry to learn coding and find employment in the industry. We offer concrete opportunities to try and learn. Our community supports every question and dilemma along the way.

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Low-threshold free activities, networking, workshops, webinars, training. Examples, examples, community, support and career stories from peers.

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What have we accomplished during these years?

We have already been able to provide workshops, webinars and event venues for thousands of women. According to a survey we conducted, our program was found to be impressive based on the responses. More than 70% of respondents felt that the program had aroused interest and increased enthusiasm for the industry. In addition, half of the respondents said that the program had helped to open doors to better job opportunities in the industry and an increased understanding of the software industry. More than 20 per cent said the program had an impact on study choices.

The year 2020

In total, more than 1,400 people participated in our various webinars during 2020. In addition, we offered almost 655 workshop places made possible with companies. Our virtual events in April and October gathered 2500 women to learn more about the software industry’s possibilities.

The record for the year was set by Sympan MOOC, where more than 1,000 people signed up. If a student completed the course by a certain time, they received an official certificate of completion that can be used as a demonstration of competence. The basic course of hacking, created jointly by Mika Kulmala (Solita) and Joakim Tauren (Visma), also rose to record levels.306 pairs of eyes viewed the live streams, and as a recording, the course has already been viewed more than 200 times. Women formed 114 teams to challenge the hacking course. The rise of information security is an important issue. Finnish software can be the best software in the world when its information security is taken care of.

We cannot wait to tell you about the year 2021 results! <3

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The Finnish Software and E-business Association

The Finnish Software and E-business Association is a community founded in 1993 for industry leaders. We advance the opportunities for success in an increasingly competitive international market for our members. We believe in strength in numbers and there are 600 software and software-oriented companies in the association. Together we make an impact on the software industry related decision making, support industry research and education as well as develop businesses.

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