Ständeillä ohjelmaa + Siilin lounasdisco by DJ Supertyyli

🎶 Pieni ohjelmanmuutos: Euroviisu-bingo siirtyy tulevaisuuteen ja tilalle tulee DJ Supertyyli!


Supertyyli is a club DJ hailing from Helsinki, blending multiple genres of club music in his sets. A Hip Hop-aficionado at heart, Supertyyli likes to show off his tricks, while still keeping people moving and dance floors shaking. During the years you might’ve seen him playing Drum’n’Bass at Playground, Rap at Blockfest-afterparties, Big Room House at Club Capital, Disco and Reggaeton at Löyly, or just about everything at Skohan or at clubs across Finland. Or maybe you’ve heard some of his fast-paced guest mixes on YleX (e.g. Orion’s XmiX, Mista S’ S-Mix and Matti8 & Sonny’s Loppukiri-mixes)?

His skills haven’t gone unnoticed, Supertyyli made his way to the finals of Finnish DJ-championships in 2013 and 2014, and is also a member of two global DJ-crews; DJcity and No Cutz No Glory.

DJ Supertyyli.