Loisa & Päivinen

Hanna-Mari Loisa

Coaching and teamwork enthusiast working in Ericsson R&D. Working as a coach started with Agile transformation, widening to Brain-Based Coaching. Lately been working in an IoT related service development unit supporting the teams and the organization in a journey towards multi-site lean and agile, and growth mindset.

Currently working as R&D Learning and Development Driver with the ambition to create a high impact learning culture.
Enjoying inspiring and exiting books, yoga, mindfulness, long walks, family time.


Markus Päivinen

Change management professional working in Ericsson R&D. Passionate about human behaviour, coaching and improving ways of working.

Currently working in growing organization where working methods and cultural improvements are under constant changes. Well functioning teams with smooth communication supported by the necessary processes create a good base for the growth but there is always room for improvement and simplification.

Loves good discussions, brain-teasers and experimenting new things.

Hanna-Mari Loisa ja Markus Päivinen.