Linda Mannila

My mission is to help people and organisations both take advantage of the benefits and be aware of the consequences that we face as technology changes our world. I pursue this mission in three ways: through my nonprofit organisations Make It Finland and Uppdaterad, my company Digismart and my research on technology and digital competence in education. My nonprofits and company give me the freedom to work on projects and matters that I feel make a difference, as ideas have little impact if they are not acted upon. However, when introducing something new in any context, it is also important to evaluate the results. What works and what does not? Should something be changed? Is it even worth while doing? My background in empirical research helps me find the answers to such questions.

I am a gamer at heart, and have been so for as long as I can remember. What started as a hobby has also become part of my job, as I create digital experiences ranging from interactive and motivating online events to digital city tours and virtual escape rooms.